About us

RE-MI advertising gadgets

Who we are?

We are a company established in 2013 to create interesting and imaginative gadgets with imprints and embroidery. We’ve been producing clothes and advertising gadgets with your own logo or with any other imprint that you wish. You can find t-shirts, caps, gloves, scarfs, sweatshirts, mugs, kidney bags and many more in our assortment. We cooperate with sports clubs, event agencies, pr agencies, companies from various sectors and individual clients as well.

We care about the individual approach!

We are a team of several individuals, whose engagement in each new project remains at the same high level since the first day we started our cooperation. We are not a corporation nor a large industrial undertaking, thereby the quantity is not the most important aspect for us. All of that allows us to treat each order individually and we are not afraid of even the most demanding customers, because we know that listening to their needs guarantees success and satisfaction of both sides. What’s, even more, we own a wide range of equipment, which helps us to maintain the high quality of our products.

Why such a business profile?

We started our company as a result of all the experience we gathered over the years of work. We wanted to create a place, that would let us expose creativity, passion and graphical verve. We dreamed that each mug or scarf created by us will be perceived by our customers as a top-notch quality product, however, will not cost steep price at the same time. We did it! Good price goes hand in hand with good quality. That can be easily spotted in every smile we see when you collect your orders.

What is Brand Philosophy?

RE-MI is about precision and care to details. We hope that everyone, who holds our gadget, gets the feeling, that we put all our skills, experience and involvement in that item. We service a lot of companies who keep an eye to even the smallest details. There’s nothing wrong with that since gadgets are one of the aspects of marketing strategy. We can’t afford any flaws, thus we listen carefully about expectation, and we apply that to mugs, t-shits of sweatshirts. Understanding is what we put in the first place!

Cooperation with sports fans.

The market for sports fans is large, nevertheless very demanding. Sports enthusiasts of various sports clubs keep whole collections of gadgets like scarfs, sweatshirts or T-shirts in their homes. When they order from our company, they gain the certainty, that the products they get are the best quality, long-lasting and durable enough to handle many exciting sports seasons. That’s just one of the factors that prompts the people who place orders and keeps them coming back. There must be a reason why such customers as Zagłębie Lubin, KS Miedź Legnica, and Arka Gdynia have trusted us.

Check how much we could do for you.

Trust us and you won’t regret your decision. RE-MI is a guaranteed satisfaction.

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